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Your contribution is the essence of Blickwinkel! There are various ways to join the project. Share your perspective, support us in your hometown or region or let us know your own ideas 🙂


Do you come across different opinions in your daily life?
What’s discussion culture and what’s important for you in conversations?
Do you have international friendships you want to tell us about?
How do you perceive cultural diversity in your daily life?
What’s your opinion on current political challenges?
Which solutions seem to be reasonable for you? How and where do you get your information about worlds news?
Does the arrival of refugees in Europe have any affect on your daily life?
How do you generally experience the behaviour or opinions of people in Austria and Europe?
Is there any encounter or experience you want to share?
Which cultural differences in thinking or behaviour did you come across?
Tell us about your migrational background? Is there any interesting stories about your family, your ancestors?
Which experiences in your hometown and during your journey to Europe do you want to share?
What does home mean for you?
Did you ever feel discriminated against for whatever reason? Is there a story you want to share with us?
Do you think Austria is a social country?
Are you scared of poverty? Are you scared of terror?
Do you think everyone is responsible for his/her own luck or happiness?
What’s your opinion about religion? How do you treat different religious views?

Every human is one of a kind, ergo, people are different ☺
How do you treat different opinions?
How do you encounter people with “different” cultural and social background than yours?
Which talks do you hold with people who do not share your opinion? How do you approach them? Or do you rather avoid them?
What’s your opinion on living together in a diverse community? How can it work?
Which challenges do we face and how can we find solutions collectively?

Share your stories, experiences and perspectives!

We appreciate people to contact in different regions! Conducting interviews, spread the comics, input about events and further possibilities of cooperation, etc.
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Cooperation with other organizations, institutions, communities, etc. is a valuable asset for the project.
Here you can find more about our ideas and suggestions for cooperation.

Be creative!! At school, in your community, with your family or friends, … There is different points of view aka “Blickwinkel” everywhere! ☺ Send us your ideas!